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Fresh Pepper Sauces

Our sauces are hand crafted from fresh ingredients produced in small batches. As a Veteran owned company, we spent years in the Army drowning our chow in hot sauce out of necessity to make awful food bad enough to eat. So began our love of hot sauce. Now in our adult years, we decided to produce hot sauce you can actually taste. Full of flavor, and complexity, It’s good enough to put this Sh*@ on everything!

The Not So Hot Sauce Green

Medium heat level, with bright notes and finish. Pickled red Onion, Jalapeno, and dill. Perfect for beef, and also pairs well with eggs, tamales, enchiladas, and more! All natural, no MSG, Gluten FREE. 

The not so hot sauce red

Hot heat level, with light fruit and a hint of smoke. Chipotle, Pineapple, and Habanero. Perfect with pork, also pairs well with tacos, eggs, and more! All natural, no MSG, Gluten FREE.

the not so hot sauce bonfire

Very hot heat, with garlic, smoke and heat. Made with super hots, but not enough to melt your face off. Smoked garlic, Reaper Pepper, Ghost Pepper, Habanero Pepper. All natural, no MSG, Gluten FREE.

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We love and respect our local brick and mortar retailers, and prefer you shop local and small. We also want you to be able to enjoy our sauces anywhere in the country, which is why we only sell sauces online in 3 pack bundles. Plus, it helps reduce your shipping cost on a single bottle. So please shop local if you can, but if you need your hot sauce fix, grab a bundle and stock up! 

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